We design and execute unforgettable experiences, applying them to the service of premium brands. We are dedicated to developing creative ideas, telling stories in every event and printing brand values upon them. We are experts at leaving a lasting impression. Experts at finding the most unique and surprising locations, creating a special mise-en-scène and emotional elements that exceed the expectations of the guests.


P R I N C E S S   Y A C H T S   -   M a r i n e   C o n s e r v a t i o n

Princess Yachts embraced the art of Spanish artist Misael del Rosario for the design of a themed artistic installation at this year’s International boat shows, with re-purposed discarded water bottles – some of which the artist collected himself during beach walks.

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O Y S H O   S P O R T   -   P r e s s   L a u n c h

MADRID. The homewear line of the Inditex Group is committed to sports fashion and presents its new collection to the press by 18 brand ambassadors from the world of sports and the firm. 

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C E R V E Z A   T U R I A   -   E n c e s a   T u r i a

VALENCIA. Encesa Turia opens the 2019 Fallas with a lighting and dance show designed by Radiante Lab and Cerveza Turia

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P R I N C E S S   Y A C H T S   -   R / E v o l u t i o n   L a u n c h   E v e n t

Princess Yachts together with CuldeSac launch worldwide the new R/Evolution yachts line. The event took place at the Château de la Napoule the night before the opening of the Cannes Boat Show. Partners in the design, equipment and during the process of this new range were some of the guests at this great event.

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A C T I U   -   ' P E R 5 0 N S '   A N N I V E R S A R Y

Under the ‘PER50NS’ claim, Actiu celebrates its 50th anniversary by gathering more than 700 guests in three full days loaded with formative, motivational, creative and playful content that projected the firm's values. This celebration coincides with the generational change of the company. The trip has just begun.

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F R O M   T H E   S E A   T O   T H E   S E A   -   P r e s s   L a u n c h

VALENCIA. An important underwear and homewear brand releases their eco conscious and sustainable fashion collection. 'From the sea to the sea' is the claim that accompanies the event's design and strategy for this press launch.

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C E R V E Z A   T U R I A   -     L ' h o r t a   F e s t i v a l   -   S e c o n d   E d i t i o n

CuldeSac arranged  l’horta Turia Festival for Cerveza Turia with a 360º communication campaign. Over 3000 people attended the festival, which fulfilled complete capacity. The challenging content program included direct sales of local products by farmers, musical quality, workshops, exhibitions based on the orchard and a space for reaching out new projects.

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L A M I G R A F   -   L A M I D A Y   M I L A N O   ' 1 8

MILAN. LamiGraf celebrates during the Milano Design Week the second edition of their brand event ‘LamiDay’ to present “Zoom Out - Opposites Getting Closer”, their new collection.

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L A M B O R G H I N I   -   G l o b a l   n e w   ' A v e n t a d o r   S '   l a u n c h   e v e n t

VALENCIA. After a thorough selection procedure, Lamborghini chooses the city of Valencia and entrusts the international launch event of its new ‘Aventador S’ to CuldeSac™. The creative consultancy won last year the international competition to which the company had applied for in order to design the launch of the model.

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P R I N C E S S   Y A C H T S   -   C a n n e s   &   S o u t h a m p t o n   B o a t   S h o w

CANNES & SOUTHAMPTON. After two years in a row working with the British brand, CuldeSac™ has designed a whole new universe for the next boat shows season for Princess Yachts. The company has used for the first time an elegant design based in the 'Crafted in Plymouth' concept. This shows will take place all around the world

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A S T O N   M A R T I N   -   P r e s s   L a u n c h   V i r a g e   &   V a n t a g e   S

MÁLAGA. The Press Launch of the Aston Martin's new Vantage S and Virage pulled the British brand and CuldeSac™ together again. 

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T I F F A N Y   &   C O .     P a r t y   S u e ñ o   d e   u n a   N o c h e   e n   P l a t a

MADRID. On the night of October 17th, the Palacio de Neptuno in Madrid welcomed ‘El sueño de una noche en plata’, the 175th anniversary celebration of Tiffany & Co.

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S M A R T   -   L a n u c h   E v e n t   S m a r t   f o r t w o   &   f o r f o u r  

VALENCIA. The firm belonging to the MercedesBenz group presented its star products —the smart fortwo and smart forfour— to an exclusive group of potential clients. 

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A S T O N   M A R T I N   -   L a u n c h   C a m p a i g n   C y g n e t   ' T a i l o r   F i t '

For this, CuldeSac™ develops the 'Tailor - Fit' concept, enhancing Cygnet's urban values, a car made tailor-fit to the city.

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T A N Q U E R A Y   N º .   T E N   -   L a u n c h   E v e n t   N e w   B o t t l e

MADRID. El Pabellón del Espejo in Madrid became the location chosen for the launch of the Tanqueray Nº. TEN new bottle, which is inspired on Art Decó and with clear allusions to its essential ingredients: the fresh citrus.

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B E N T L E Y   -   D r i v i n g   E x p e r i e n c e   a t   B o r d e a u x

Bentley Europe, in collaboration with its dealers in Monaco, Geneva and Luxembourg, invited a select group of clients to enjoy a driving experience and the “savoir vivre’’ approach to life in the Bordeaux area. The common themes running through the event were wine from the Médoc region and the Atlantic Ocean. 

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A S T O N   M A R T I N   -   P r e s s   L a u n c h   R a p i d e   ' O p e n i n g   D o o r s '

Aston Martin chose Valencia to present its new 4-doors Rapide car to the media, and CuldeSac™ to turn the event into a unique Experience.

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